Who are the mentors?

To date Steve House, Vince Anderson, Bryan Gilmore, Steve Swenson, Scott Backes, Ines Papert, David Göttler, John Bracey, Rob Owen and Rafael Slawinski have contributed as mentors. We will add mentors as the program grows.

Mentors are never paid; they donate their time and attention and experience to Alpine Mentors.


What is the advisory team?

To help develop the idea Steve felt he needed a group of people to talk to and help shape this concept. Zoe Hart, Rowan Trollope, Eva House, Steve Swenson and Ian Yurdin are on the advisory team. Alpine Mentors does not pay any salaries to any of its advisors. It is an all-volunteer program. 


How can I get involved as a mentor?

If you feel you could contribute as a mentor, please contact us.


How can I, as an individual, support Alpine Mentors?

There are many ways to support Alpine Mentors. You can directly contribute, or buy one of the Alpine Mentors products. You can also go on a trek with the team on one of their expeditions. More information is on the Contribute page. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


How does a trek support Alpine Mentors?

Trekkers get to come along with the team when they go on expeditions. The cost of the trek helps to underwrite the cost of the expedition.


How can my company become involved?

We are very open to any ideas for support or partnership you have. Some ideas of ours include:


  • As a primary sponsor underwriting our general operating budget. This means helping to cover our fixed costs associated with this liability insurance, and the costs of mentors' expenses.


  • By creating the first Alpine Mentors’ scholarship. A scholarship in the name of your company would underwrite the expenses of the two-years of participation of one mentee with cash and equipment. This scholarship would not interfere with any current sponsorship the mentee may have.


  • Donation of product which we sell on our website. Product where we can apply the Alpine Mentors logo is best.


  • Underwriting specific parts of our budget. 


AM-Pacific North West 2014-2016

What is the difference between the national Alpine Mentors program and the regional AM Pacific North West?

The national Alpine Mentors program travels internationally with alternating mentors. The basic technical requirements are the ability to lead: WI5, 5.11 trad, M7, and have some mountaineering experience. We will post details on the requirements for the 2016-2018 group before the end of 2014.


The AM-PNW is a regional program that travels within North America and is jointly run by Alpine Mentors and the American Alpine Club. Mentors will primarily be from the Pacific Northwest. Basic requirements are the ability to lead WI 4+, 5.10- trad rock and basic mountaineering experience.


Is it open to all anyone?

Yes, it is, but you should live in the four state region of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana and be able to travel to the Seattle-area for group development and program sessions when necessary. All fieldwork will take place in North America, primarily in north-western Washington State and British Columbia, Canada.


Where can I apply for the regional AM PNW program?

Please follow this link to The American Alpine Club Cascade Section website.

Link: Program Description and Requirements; application form


Where can I apply for the national AM program?

Nowhere right now. We will open the application process for the AM 2016-18 group in 2015. You will find it on this website.



We are happy to discuss any other opportunities to support Alpine Mentors with you, please send us an email and we will get back to you.