Alpine Mentors is a free two-year program where mentors advise and climb with a small group of climbers on climbs that advance their climbing skills with an eye towards being able to complete technical routes in the high mountains. Our goal is not to build the best alpinists, but to help young climbers get the most from their climbing experience. Above all, we strive to teach good judgment, not skills.

There are five components to the Alpine Mentors program:

Access, Experience, Instruction, Philosophy, and Expeditions.



Mentors are friends with experience. Our mentors are coaches, confidants, and fellow climbers.



We will climb rock-walls, frozen waterfalls, and alpine routes. Together.



Each new group will be run through a full review of climbing safety and self-rescue fundamentals.



How we climb, how we treat the mountain environment, and how we give to our communities. Values matter.



As a group we will plan, fund, and execute one expedition.



Alpine Mentors operates on a two-year cycle with a gap year in between. Our first cycle began in October 2012. Currently we run two programs: one in the Pacific Nortwest (ending in 2016) and a second one in Colorado (2016-2018).