Alpine Mentors Pacific-Northwest 2014-2016

Ryan Cupp 

I grew up in Vancouver, Washington and was introduced to the world of climbing at the age of 14. After two years of mastering the basics of mountaineering on the slopes of Mt Hood I started rock and ice climbing—that’s when I got serious. Since then I have had the blessing of being able to climb throughout the Northwest, as well as in Colorado, Montana, and Canada. I am currently attending Western Washington University where I am studying kinesiology in hopes of one day being a physical therapist (at least in between climbing trips).







Alex Ford


A child of both the Pacific Northwest and desert Southwest, I began mountaineering to access the unmatched scope and ruggedness of Washington's high alpine backcountry skiing. Predictably, the outrageous ambiance of the North Cascades, the omnipresent view of Rainier's profile and overwhelming quality of Index's bulletproof granite converted me to an alpine devote within a single short season. After a brief career in Seattle's technology industry, I've been fortunate to climb with fabulous local friends in across the west, from Alaska to New Mexico, and return to join the University of Washington's biochemistry doctoral program. When not in the alpine or the laboratory, I volunteer with the Washington Alpine Club and exasperatedly tinker with my bicycles and Vanagon.



Andy Dahlen


Growing up in the Puget Sound, I learned to climb in and around the Cascades. Over the last eight years, I have continually developed my climbing locally in Washington, across the country, and internationally. Climbing has introduced me to many different people, provided opportunities to incorporate work and climbing, and led to experiences that have helped shape my life. When not out climbing, I live Seattle, help manage a local climbing shop, Second Ascent, and spend way too much money on all the delicious foods the city has to offer. I'm excited to continue advancing my skills and learn from all the participating climbers and volunteers! 



Laurel Fan


I came west from Pennsylvania to work in the tech industry after college, and somewhere between the Tetons and Cascades got distracted by the mountains. I'm looking forward to enjoying more sunsets and rainbows from inconvenient places, experiencing new and exciting forms of precipitation, and maybe even learning something about climbing with AM-PNW. I spend my weekdays working on expanding K-12 Computer Science education at, studying the weekend weather forecast, and cooking unnecessarily elaborate meals (and of course occasionally sneaking out for an afternoon at Index).


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