We will not be conducting any more small-group mentorship programs through Alpine Mentors.


After seven years of Alpine Mentors it is my opinion that the model of small groups of alpinists mentored for 2-4 years, is inefficient and ineffective for more than half the participants. Furthermore it was highly time intensive. This is a 100% volunteer effort, and I was spending 8-12 weeks per year on this, which was not sustainable for me personally. It was also dangerous. In 2016 one of our participants lost her life during the final expedition.


We will continue to work on our mission to promote alpinism through mentorship, but how we deliver on that mission is about to change dramatically. Watch our blog  in  spring 2019.


Steve House




We  started Alpine Mentors UNOFFICIAL. Look them up on Facebook and join the group.

AM UNOFFICIAL is a platform where mentees can meet mentors.