Alpine Mentors ICE BASH 2014

Thank you

all for coming to the first Alpine Mentors Ice Bash. For those who couldn't make it, here a brief redux:


The Ice Bash is an Ice Fest for young rock climbers who want to venture into the mountains and broaden their experience as alpinists.

We had no set clinics, participation was free and we also tried to find local lodging deals (4 pieps in one room), so young climbers could afford coming down to Ouray for climbing with us.


Mentees become Mentors

Colin, Steven and Buster finished the first cycle of Alpine Mentors with their final expedition to the Indian Himalayas. Two years and climbing trips to Canada, Alaska, Europe and Asia prepared them to be mentors by themselves now. 

At the Ice Bash Colin, Steven and Buster took out their fellow climbing buddies and past on their knowledge from what they learned during the past two years.


Besides these three guys, we also want to thank the following mentors for donating their time:

- Danika Gilbert

- Stephen Berwanger

- Vince Anderson

- Jack Tackle

- Andres Marin

- Ralph Tingey

- Jay Smith


Mentors went climbing in Ouray with the mentees and that's it. Just climbing. Making friends. 


Graduation & Slideshow

In the evening Colin, Steven and Buster were sharing with a full house their adventures of the past two years. It was fun, exciting and astonishing to see how much progress they all made. All in different areas, but mostly on a personal level. Climbing is only one part of the equation, telling the story in an authentic, real, humble and honest way, is a whole other story. JT Thomas, a friend, science journalist and story-telling mentor was working late - past midnight - to get the presentation ready for the next day. 


For Alpine Mentors Steve and I have been pulling in all the favors from our friends and now we want to invite people who doesn't know us personally, but believe in Alpine Mentors, to come and join the tribe as volunteers.

Big THANK YOU to all our volunteer mentors:

Brian Gilmore, Vince Anderson, Steve Swenson, Scott Backes, Raphael Slawinski, Ines Papert, Jon Bracey, Jim Elzinga, Rob Owens and David Göttler.

Thank you all for great two years,


Eva & Steve