Arriving in Canada

March 27, 2013: 

Our group of climbers and mentors has convened in Canmore, Alberta for a two-week climbing trip, and the psyche-level is definitely high. At our last meeting in January, we all built training plans to be in top physical shape for this trip. The crew is looking and feeling good and we decided to start with a classic ice route with a long approach: The Sorcerer. It's an important part of every trip to do a few shakedown climbs and get our systems running smoothly and adapt to the scale and character of climbing in a new place.


Once on the climb, things speeded up dramatically. We climbed four pitches as two teams; one group ascending the left side and the other group climbing the right edge of the flow. Three hours after swinging the first tool we were all soaking up the incredible view from the top of this immense flow of ice. 
Tomorrow we add a new mentor, Steve Swenson, to the team. While I have been ice climbing for as many years as Colin is old (24 years), Steve Swenson has been climbing for longer than I am old (42 years). With dozens of expeditions to the Himalaya including ascents of K2 and Everest (without O2) as well as a bunch of smaller, harder peaks, Steve will be a welcome addition!  
 -Steve House