Ouray calling!

Travel plans are made. Marianne is packing her climbing gear to take the big journey over the big pond to meet her Alpine Mentors cohorts in Ouray. Steven has been climbing all the local ice routes around Ouray since November and Buster and Colin will be making the drive over the mountains to arrive in time for the Ouray Ice Festival. 


When they ended their last visit, Steve gave everyone a copy of the draft of his next book “ Training for Alpine Climbing.” Since then, everyone has been busy creating their own training plans. The next time the group meets theses plans will be discussed, revised, and refined. Fingers are crossed that Mark Twight will be able to make an appearance and instruct a one-day training seminar.


What happened in the last two months:


Buster and Steven set out on what would end up being one of Buster’s best ski days in recent memory. Buster made a short movie:



"Eye the sweet spot, line up the swing, tap once, twice, third time a little harder... Ice climbing appears "easy" and "monotonous" to the die hard rock climber, but what can't be conveyed by watching someone else climb is the refined sense of balance, precision, and subtly required to really climb ice well." Buster writes on his blog.

Marianne was busy working on the Dutch Drytooling Event 2012 and training for the mixed climbing comp season. She will take part in the Ouray Ice Festival competition as well as the 2013 Ice Climbing World Cup. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for her.


And Colin went on an ice climbing trip to the Canadian Rockies.