Helping to train the next generation of Alpinists.

Thank you all for coming to the ICE Bash 2014! 

 Alpine Mentors Ice Bash, 12/27/2014

Come and climb with the mentors from Alpine Mentors on December 27th in Ouray, CO.

We also have a great lodging deal and are stoked to see everyone this winter on ice.



8:00 am at the Backstreet Cafe in Ouray/CO.


Bring your ice climbing gear or rent it at Ouray Mountain Sports.

Minimum age of 18 years is required! 

You will have time to meet mentors including Vince Anderson, Steve House, Jack Tackle, Kitty Calhoun, Dawn Glanc, Andres Marin, Ralph Tigny, Jim Donini, Buster Jesik, Colin Simon, Steven van Sickle and many more. Find someone you want to climb with and go. What you do and where you go is totally up to you and the people you meet. Make sure to be back in Ouray so you don't miss the evening event.


EVENING EVENT Fundraiser slideshow in Ouray, CO.

@7:00pm at the Ouray Community Center

$ 5 Admission


Colin, Buster and Steven will share their experiences of two years climbing in India, Alaska, Canada, the Alps and Colorado. Hear about ups, downs, and the long, hard path to becoming an Alpinist.


Beer is sponsored by Ouray Brewery and Ouray Chalet Inn is offering a sweet deal for climbers who are willing to share a room with 4 people. Ask at the front desk for the Alpine Mentors Ice Bash deal. Or call them up: (800) 924-2538



Alpine Mentors promotes alpinism by encouraging, coaching and climbing with technically proficient young alpinists who aspire to climb the world's greatest mountains in a lightweight, low-impact style


Of muddy trails, perfect rock and delicious pasta

by Andy Dahlen

My first night in Squamish was spent sleeping in my car in the Chief parking lot during a rainy, rainy night. I was unable to meet everyone at the start of the trip due to work commitments so at the end of my work day in Seattle, I jumped in my car and headed north. As I didn't want to barge into an unknown house and wake up everyone at 1am, I curled up in my backseat until morning. I was welcomed in the morning by Steve, Alex, John, Ryan, and Jim and we settled into planning what we could climb, if the rain decided let up & the walls were able to get just enough sun to dry. 

After a day of sport climbing at Cheakamus Canyon, day or two of wet and muddy trail running, John, Steve, and I were finally able to get on the Chief (Cruel Shoes to Grand Wall) on our last day together.

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