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Nothing worthwhile is easy - new route on the dark side

Route overview on the dark side.
Route overview on the dark side.

Steven Van Sickle and Steve House established a new route on the dark side of Camp Bird Road this winter in Ouray.

- by Steven van Sickle.


FIRST A SHORT HISTORY- the Skylight area of Camp Bird road in Ouray is one of the most classic alpine cragging areas in North America. It is the place where our heroes and our sport progressed and evolved into what they are today. I think of this often when I climb there. I think of how excited Donald, Lowe, and Breashears were when they first climbed the Skylight. And how it makes perfect sense that Lowe, Fowler and Wilford gravitated to the narrow-ice-line of Bird Brain Boulevard. In the 80's some of the more creative lines like "Snow Blind Friend" and the "Racing Stripes" began to get ticked off by the early explorers. It would only be a matter of time before the more visionary, technical lines on the "dark side" of Camp Bird where climbed.


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